SimplePie Compatibility Test

Test Should Be What You Have
PHP¹ 4.3.0 or higher 5.3.5
XML Enabled Enabled
PCRE² Enabled Enabled
cURL Enabled Disabled
Zlib Enabled Enabled
mbstring Enabled Enabled
iconv Enabled Enabled

What does this mean?

  1. PHP: You are running a supported version of PHP. No problems here.
  2. XML: You have XML support installed. No problems here.
  3. PCRE: You have PCRE support installed. No problems here.
  4. cURL: The cURL extension is not available. SimplePie will use fsockopen() instead.
  5. Zlib: You have Zlib enabled. This allows SimplePie to support GZIP-encoded feeds. No problems here.
  6. mbstring and iconv: You have both mbstring and iconv installed! This will allow SimplePie to handle the greatest number of languages. Check the Supported Character Encodings chart to see what's supported on your webhost.

Bottom Line: Yes, you can!

Your webhost has its act together!

You can download the latest version of SimplePie from and install it by following the instructions. You can find example uses with SimplePie Ideas.

Take the time to read Requirements and Getting Started to make sure you're prepared to use SimplePie. No seriously, read them.

Note: Passing this test does not guarantee that SimplePie will run on your webhost — it only ensures that the basic requirements have been addressed.

¹ — SimplePie 2 will not support PHP 4.x. The core PHP team has discontinued PHP 4.x patches and support. Read the announcement.

² — Some recent versions of the PCRE (PERL-Compatible Regular Expression) engine compiled into PHP have been buggy, and are the source of PHP segmentation faults (e.g. crashes) which cause random things like blank, white screens. Check the Support Forums for the latest information on patches and ongoing fixes.